From the Beast of Bray Road to the witches of Whitewater, Linda S. Godfrey covers a wide variety of supernatural tales and sightings from every region in the state of Wisconsin. If you are looking for a light read and are interested in the supernatural, Haunted Wisconsin is definitely a book I would recommend, whether you’re from Wisconsin or not.

This book is broken up into chapters by region or city with one- to three-page descriptions of each supernatural tale. Godfrey is thorough in her research, compiling information from print sources as well as personally gathered knowledge through her own travels and interviews with witnesses. The stories and witness accounts are still told with a hint of skepticism, so although they are tales of the supernatural, they do not seem ridiculously outlandish.

Throughout the book, I could tell that the author is from Wisconsin and did visit these places around the state through how much detail is included as well as what details are focused on. This gives the book a more personal feel, since I am from Wisconsin and know so many of these places and recognize the details mentioned. Godfrey is also excellent at featuring unique hauntings and supernatural occurrences so it never gets repetitive, and it is overall well-written and enjoyable reading material.

The only issue I had with certain parts of this book is that Godfrey often switches between first-person and third-person narration, which threw me off and interrupted the flow until I just got used to it. Overall, this doesn’t really disrupt the book that much, and I still greatly enjoyed the whole of it. Godfrey shows a great respect for the state and the history contained in each region.

Rating: 5/5 stars


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