Note: I received this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

A Daily Dose of Ghosts is a book of short stories involving ghosts and the paranormal. They are not all necessarily scary stories, though some are a bit creepy. This book seems to be aimed more towards a younger audience, with simplistic writing and pretty tame themes. I tried to read this book through the eyes of a young child, rather than a college graduate in love with Stephen King books. This helped in understanding why the author did certain things the way they had been done, but I still was unable to really get into this book.

Only a couple of the stories were interesting to me, and the one I enjoyed most, “Windy Heights,” would be a great idea for a fully fleshed-out novel. I wanted more detail to that story, and so it seemed rushed. A lot of the stories concluded quite quickly and the endings to most of them were anti-climatic and uninteresting. I wanted to like this book, since I love paranormal books so much, but I just could not get myself to really care about it.

There are quite a few things that could be changed to improve this book and the stories within. There are a good number of misspellings and punctuation errors, which bothered me personally as they distracted from the writing itself. With abrupt and seemingly thrown-together endings, the stories seem half-developed, as if they are drafts of the final versions. Many of the stories just didn’t make much sense, and I had to reread lines or paragraphs because I thought I had missed something. There were elements to stories that felt familiar, possibly being borrowed from older fairytales or campfire-type stories, and many of them had an obvious moral or message to the reader.

Overall, the book was a fast read that wasn’t completely horrendous, but personally I just didn’t enjoy it like I wanted to. If I read this ten years ago, I might feel differently about it. The stories are good for a younger audience, with tame elements and simple writing and messages, but as an adult reader, it just didn’t appeal to me.

Rating: 1/5 stars


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