This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Legacy is a graphic novel inspired by a dream that the author had. The plot follows Renata, a young girl living on an island, through an eventful day after discovering a stranger washed ashore, but the story and important events span a much longer amount of time.

I went into this book not really knowing anything about it, and I’m glad I did so. The first few chapters really build up the anticipation and curiosity, which had me keep reading. This book takes place in the future and blends together a mix of mythology, survival, and apocalyptic tales to create a unique story.

The art of this graphic novel is in grayscale, and many action panels without dialogue make the pages read quickly. I finished this book in one sitting after getting sucked into the premise and being curious about where the story was going. I enjoyed the characters having been drawn in an anime-style. There were a few spelling errors, but not to the extent to where I couldn’t understand what was being said.

Overall, I would recommend checking this book out, especially if you’re interested in graphic novels or comic books and like books that build up anticipation in an interesting way.

You can purchase Legacy here.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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