I was really excited when I found this book at my library, because I love graphic novels, I love ghosts, and it sounded like an interesting premise. I’m so glad I picked it up.

It’s a refreshing viewpoint to see the story play out through the eyes of a foreign immigrant who’s trying to assimilate to American high school life. There aren’t too many YA books that have this kind of perspective, and it did well in connecting to the larger plot as well (it definitely helps that the author is from Russia herself). In addition to this, it gives many readers a new way to think about daily situations from an outsider’s point of view, and I think it would help with people thinking twice before making a comment that will be misinterpreted or even just clear their head of previous prejudices they may have had.

The art is beautiful, and I loved the blue tones used for all of the illustrations. The images worked well together with the text, with action scenes showing instead of telling, but also using enough text to give the right amount of context to understand everything together.

During the first half of the novel, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to rate it or how I really felt about it, but soon after the halfway point, it really picked up and went in a direction that I didn’t even think of to expect. After finishing it, I knew I couldn’t rate it as anything but five stars.

It was really intriguing, and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in graphic novels or supernatural beings, or even just new perspectives on life that one doesn’t experience in their own life.

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Rating: 5/5 stars


8 thoughts on “Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

    1. I’ve read so many graphic novels over the years, and there have been some that have similar aspects. I’m planning on writing a blog post about my graphic novel recommendations soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Feel like I should read this simply because it’s the only book that I’ve ever seen with my name on the cover! Haha. Your review of it is great as well and has certainly pushed me to check it out


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