Droplets is a YA mermaid book I discovered through the author’s Instagram account, and after falling in love with the cover, I really wanted to read it. I bought both the first and second book (Ripples) on my Kindle for $0.99 each on a day where she had them specially priced, so I had to get them.

It took me awhile to finish this book only because I don’t read on my Kindle as much as I read physical books, and I’ve been so busy with work that it’s been difficult to set aside much time. When I did have time to sit down and read this book, I flew through it (especially once I got to the climax of the plot, as the action kept going until the end).

The descriptions in Droplets are perfectly detailed because there’s plenty there to create a vivid image in my mind but not too much where descriptions become boring and long-winded. The writing was strong and excellent for a solid amount of the novel, but there were a few places where the writing had gotten weaker. It may not be a huge deal to other read, though, as I’m unable to turn my editor brain off.

The plot of this YA mermaid book is quite different from other (typical) YA mermaid books. The unique characteristics that Rauscher gave to her mermaids are cool but not too out there or ridiculous (regarding typical mythical mermaids, not actual reality). The family dynamic at the beginning is also different from what’s usually seen in YA, as the main character’s father had remarried and she had a great stepmother. There were some small aspects to certain events or conversations that I didn’t care for, but overall it was really good.

The events did make me curious about what was going to happen next, which stayed with me for the entirety of the novel. I’m excited to read the sequel, Ripples. I will warn you that there is a romance aspect to the novel’s plot, but it does actually tie in with the events (unlike some books where the romance seems thrown in just to have a romance in it). It did seem kind of insta-love-y and puppy-love-y to me, but if that doesn’t bother you, then you won’t have a problem with this book. I was still able to enjoy the novel a lot despite the quick-to-love aspect.

I am glad that I picked up this book, and it is definitely a series I’m going to continue. If you love mermaid books, this is a must-read, even if only to experience the awesome traits attributed to Rauscher’s mermaids.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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