Saga is a series of comics that I have been wanting to read since I found out about them over a year ago. I had only heard good or great reviews, and the concept seemed right up my alley, so I had high hopes. Thankfully, my public library has the first three volumes, so I sat down today and devoured them all in one sitting.

I was not disappointed one bit.

There is a Star Wars-esque scifi feel to this series, and I absolutely love it. I love all the incredibly different characters and species, and the plot lines behind these species are what I’m craving to know more about. It’s an extremely diverse cast of characters, with multiple women of color, LGBT+ aspects, and different family dynamics. I enjoyed all of these parts, because (as I’ve said so much before) diversity in novels and graphic novels/comics is much needed. They are out there, but there should be so much more.

The entire storyline of this series (so far) is intriguing, and I really want to know what happens next and what all of this is building up to. I’m also curious about the pasts of these characters and the worlds they live in. One thing that was really interesting to me was how there are modern-day gadgets that we are familiar with, yet it is a scifi series and there are additional technologies that we obviously don’t have. It reads kind of like an alternate universe in this way.

Overall, I really enjoyed these, and I’m hoping that my library will have the rest of the volumes soon (or I may have to do some book shopping…). They are definitely an amazing read, but only appropriate for mature audiences. There are many adult themes throughout the series, and being a graphic novel, I wouldn’t suggest this for younger readers.

Rating: 5/5 stars (individually and the three volumes together)

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