I was so excited to receive my Magical Creatures box, a specialty box created by the Fandom of the Month Club subscription box. Mythical and magical creatures have always been a huge love of mine, and seeing that $2 from each box sold was going to Hearts United for Animals convinced me as well. If you don’t want spoilers for this special box, skip this post! But if you want to see what was inside, you’re in the right place!



Just seeing this card after opening the box made me super excited for what was to come as I delved into this box. I took my time soaking each part in because I wanted it to last as long as possible, and fully appreciate each and every part.


I squealed when I saw these Harry Potter/Dobby-inspired items! I didn’t even expect them, since this is a jewelry box, so it was a pleasant bonus surprise. The one on the right is a magnet, and on the left is a decal, I believe.


All of the jewelry pieces are in this adorable pouch, which was another surprise I didn’t expect. I love the fonts used and obviously what it says (and makes me even more excited for the movie coming out later this year!). This is definitely something I will get a lot of use out of.


The first thing I pulled out of the bag was this adorable cat ring! I was so happy to see that it is adjustable as well, because I have really small fingers (it’s hard to find cute rings that will stay on my fingers). I adore the simplicity of this, and I’m sure this will get worn so often and with so many different outfits.


Next was this adorable owl in a cage necklace! The owl is removable and isn’t attached to the cage, and the door of the cage actually opens (but is secure enough that it won’t open on its own). The blue and white owl is absolutely perfect for me and I love that the necklace has a long chain, because it is proportional to the size of the cage.


This bracelet is so minimal with four charms (from left to right: dragon, mermaid, phoenix, and unicorn), but these are four of my absolute favorite magical creatures! I also love that the charms move along the bracelet instead of being fit in one place along the wire, and I may end up adding charms later to make this my ultimate mythical creatures piece.


Last, but certainly not least, are these precious unicorn earrings! I love that they’re simple, flat studs because I can wear them with anything (and they won’t get in the way of my earphone at work). They’re small enough to look dainty, but big enough to tell that they’re unicorns and not just horses.

Overall, I loved every single thing about this box, and I’m excited to wear these pieces! I believe you can still order this box here, but keep in mind that it may take awhile to ship. This is great for people of any age, and the quality of the jewelry is excellent.

Note: I bought this box completely with my own money, and am not being sponsored in any way by FOTMC or The Geeky Cauldron. All reviews are my own honest opinions.

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