Batwoman (The New 52), Volumes 1-3 by J. H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman

I’ve always liked Batman, so when I saw the first three volumes of Batwoman at my library, I knew I had to read them. I was wary going into it, not sure what to expect and hoping it wouldn’t utterly disappoint me. It was so much more than I anticipated and I am desperately hoping my library has the next three volumes.

Volume One revolves around the legend of La Llorona, “The Weeping Woman,” which is a story about a mother who killed herself after her children died, and she continues to haunt the living. This is an urban legend that I have been familiar with, and one that definitely interests me (since I love ghost stories), so I was excited to see paranormal aspects brought into a superhero-filled world. The plot wasn’t predictable; there was so much going on that twists were definitely a surprise.

Volumes Two and Three continue the legend and mythology theme, adding in more monsters and (in Three) Wonder Woman. Due to this, it seemed like these comics were written specifically for me because they’re things that I love to read about, such as Medusa and Bloody Mary. Batwoman and Wonder Woman make a wonderful team, and I hope to see more of them together later on. They are well-developed characters while staying true to my previous knowledge about them. There are many female characters throughout the plot, and I absolutely loved that. Volume Two does jump around, telling short snippets of the plot through different characters’ eyes, but, personally, I enjoy that kind of storytelling whether it’s in novel or comic form. It’s more fun to piece it all together in my mind, and it involves the reader much more if there’s some mystery.

Overall, I don’t understand how some people rated these so low on Goodreads, because I have fallen in love with them. The art style is what you would find in a standard superhero comic, but the amount of detail that went into each panel was awesome. In one fight scene, x-rays of the villian were overlaid the fight scene to show the reader the damage done. It looks really cool and it mixes up a standard fight scene.

I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed by these at all, and I can’t wait to see everything that happens in the next three volumes. Have you read this series, or have any more female-driven comics to recommend to me?

Ratings: (Vol. 1)  ★★★★★   (Vol. 2)   ★★★★☆  (Vol. 3)   ★★★★★

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