Note: This review will be spoiler-free!

Harry Potter has grown up and made a normal life for himself, yet there’s still something that isn’t quite right…

After Harry’s youngest son starts school at Hogwarts, life gets a bit complicated for the Potter family again. There were moments that made me sad, ones that made me literally laugh out loud, and ones that made me chuckle as they showed how the characters have stayed true to themselves. I can only imagine the magical feeling of watching this performance in person, and I hope someday to experience it myself.

Though some people were unhappy with the story being published as the script, rather than a novelization, I really enjoyed it. I love reading Shakespeare plays, among other plays, so it was a format I am familiar with, and I was still able to picture it all in my head. The dialogue reads like how J.K. Rowling’s dialogue in the Harry Potter books does, simply worded yet entertaining, and I completely loved it. There are obviously many small references and quotes to the previous books, which just adds more fun once you’ve read it and realized when it’s been said before.

As for the plot itself, I really enjoyed it also. It was a bit different since it seemed to move so quickly, especially the montage scene (obviously), but I was surprised at how much they were able to cover in this script. It is possible to read this in one sitting, but I enjoyed setting it down just for a bit to think over what was happening. The main theme of this plot is time travel, thanks to a Time Turner, and these storylines always mess with my head in such an interesting (and entertaining) way. There were also so many small things I fell in love with in this book, but I don’t want to spoil anything! If you’d like to talk with me about the book some more, feel free to direct message me on any of my social media (I don’t want to risk someone seeing a spoiler in the comments!).

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Rating: ★★★★★


9 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

    1. I would love to see the play in person as well, but travel is expensive so it’s unlikely that I’ll ever get the chance. It could have spent more time there, but considering the fact that it’s a script for a play, it could have made the play extremely long (I believe it is already a long play, from what I’ve heard). Delphi is definitely a character I’d love a spinoff book about, though.


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