Are you tired of the same boring happy-go-lucky fairytale characters? Craving some unnecessary-but-funny cartoon violence? If your answer to both of those questions was yes, I Hate Fairyland should be your next graphic novel read!

The story starts with Gertrude, a young girl, getting sucked in Fairyland and being unable to make her way out of it. Flash forward twenty-seven years later, and Gertrude has aged on the inside, but not the outside, to a bitter woman ready to fight her way out of the ridiculous Fairyland. This graphic novel is filled with Gertrude’s violent outbursts in frustration as she travels far and wide trying to find the key to send her home. Along the way, she encounters many interesting creatures, including a mass of various narrators and an army of zombie fauns.

The cartoon-y violence begins almost right away, and though it’s one hundred percent unnecessary and Gertrude knows it, she does it anyway and doesn’t bat an eyelash. Even though Gertrude is supposed to be a terrible person and is hated by Fairyland inhabitants, she grows on the reader. I feel sympathy for her situation, and honestly, she just really cracks me up. She is quick-witted and says what she wants, and I laughed out loud so often while reading her dialogue. In a way, she is a kind of Harley Quinn-type character, especially through her super violent, cute-but-tough demeanor, and the reader is still going to love her. This whole graphic novel has a morbid sense of humor, which I obviously enjoyed, but if that isn’t your thing, this probably isn’t the comic series for you.

The series is filled with fourth-wall breaks, and this just adds to the hilarity of the fact that Gertrude is stuck in this Fairyland world with all of these ridiculous characters, yet there is a known reader of the tale and she still can’t find her way out.

The ending to volume one was excellent, and definitely sets up the premise for volume two perfectly. This graphic novel was definitely the most interesting take on a fairytale-retelling/fairyland story, and I’ve fallen in love with the ridiculousness of it all. I am so glad that Ashley and I got to meet the author, Skottie Young, at BookCon and get our copies signed, as it always just makes it that much more special.

Rating: ★★★★★

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