Hello again, everyone! I’m sorry for the unannounced hiatus; I had worked a lot lately in addition to traveling and job searching, so I wasn’t able to get much reading done. Today I am reviewing a graphic novel I discovered at Half Price Books, and I’m glad it was basically what I wanted it to be.

Poe is a graphic novel story in which Edgar Allan Poe is himself a detective, and it’s no surprise that supernatural elements are involved as well. This is a perfect alternate history story for me, as I’m obviously a huge Poe fan. The author does keep the theme of mad-but-intelligent for the character of Poe that surrounds his legacy to this day, and I am glad that was a big element in this plot. Though his mental state is not healthy, Poe drudges through it to solve the mystery and continues his life to the best of his ability. For anyone dealing with mental health issues, this is inspiring to see and gives hope that we can all get through the tough times.

Death has taken a special interest in us, hasn’t it?

The combination of detective work, Edgar Allan Poe, and the supernatural may seem like a ridiculous combination of subjects thrown together, but when one has a solid grasp on Poe’s work, it is apparent that it isn’t so much of a stretch. Poe’s work has been a huge influence on the detective genre, called the “Father” of the detective genre as we know it. I enjoyed the deducing that the character of Poe did in this short graphic novel, and I think fans of Sherlock Holmes would be interested in this book as well.

I really enjoyed the concept of Poe having gained inspiration for his stories through this fictional experience, and it was cool to see the references to his work throughout this book. There were funny moments, and some great facial expressions, and I really enjoyed the artist’s style. The action is portrayed well for being in static comic form, and it worked well with the dialogue, rather than seeming like a separate entity from the writing. This is something that I look for in every graphic novel and comic that I read, and I’m glad this one didn’t disappoint in this area.

Overall, I really enjoyed this short read, and I’m sure it’s one I will come back to when I need a pick-me-up or a Poe fix with some gorgeous illustrations. I would definitely recommend this to fans of Edgar Allan Poe and the detective genre.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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