I was so excited to get my Horror Block box today! I’ve never gotten one before, but knew I had to subscribe for September’s box since it was Stephen King-themed (fun fact: King’s birthday was September 21).

There were so many things in this box, and I love every single one of them. I am still currently reading It (which is why I haven’t posted any reviews lately), and it’s absolutely amazing. Stephen King is my favorite author, and he doesn’t disappoint; I’ve really enjoyed every single book I’ve read of his.

Anyway, onto the unboxing! Spoilers for the Stephen King Horror Block after the jump.

Misery T-Shirt


The first thing in the box that I saw was this month’s T-shirt, which was Misery! I love this book and movie (Kathy Bates did a stellar performance), and the design of this shirt is horrific, creepy, and perfect. I love how it has different aspects from the story, like the car crash and the famous mallet scene, while tying in the wonderful font of Misery. This shirt design is an exclusive to this box.

 Pennywise the Clown Plush


I saw the Pennywise plush next, and I love him. Reading It now is creepy and definitely scary, even though clowns don’t scare me by themselves, but Pennywise is a scary clown. Yet somehow this plush is cute to me. It’s also an exclusive to this month’s box.

The Shining REDRUM Key Hooks


I squealed when I saw this! The Shining is my favorite King book, and it was the one that sucked me into his work. I’ve even done a painting of this door from the book with a quote underneath. I can’t wait to use this. For now, it’ll hold my favorite necklaces, but once I move out, it will definitely be for my keys. It’s very sturdy and looks so realistic. (Also an exclusive to this box.)

The Rue Morgue Magazine’s Monstro Bizarro


I was so excited to see this! I had already been wanting to buy this book/magazine special; I’ve been following the author, Lyle Blackburn, on Instagram for awhile. I love cryptozoology, and he posts a lot about it, so I knew I wanted to get this when he announced it. It is out on stands October 1, so you can get this where Rue Morgue is sold after that date.

P.J. Soles Photo and Autograph


Also an exclusive to this box, this signed print was really cool to see in here! P.J. Soles was Norma (one of the bullies) in the original Carrie movie, and played Lynda in the original Halloween. She’s been in many other things, but those two movies are the ones I’ve seen and know her in.

The Dark Tower Print


This Horror Block exclusive print by Tim Doyle is gorgeous, and I definitely want to get it framed. The Dark Tower series is still one I need to read, and I can’t wait (it may be a read-a-thon I do this winter; hopefully I can get all of the books by then). I know a lot of people who love this series, and the movie is coming up (planned release: February 17, 2017).


Did you get this Stephen King Horror Block? What do you think of what’s inside? I adore everything in it. I won’t be getting next month’s box, since I got this one for myself as a birthday gift (my birthday being in September as well), and we all know how obsessed I am with Stephen King’s work.

Feel free to add me on my various social media accounts to keep updated on what I’m reading (as I truck on through It): GoodreadsInstagramTwitter, and Facebook!


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