I still absolutely loved this volume of Harley Quinn’s solo series, but there were some things that I didn’t care for as well.

The characters of Sy Borgman and Harley’s apartment tenants (especially Tony and Queenie) are absolutely precious, and they definitely add not only to the storyline but also build Harley’s characterization as well. Her interactions with this ragtag team is one of my favorite things about this series, and I hope they continue to play main parts in the next volume of this series.

One thing I didn’t care for much in this volume was one of the single issues in the middle. It takes place five years in the future, cutting in between the story arc of the whole volume, and didn’t seem to relate to what came previous or afterwards in this volume. It may come into play in the next volume or two, but as of right now, I didn’t care for its placement. It is the first part in the Future’s End arc, but I just couldn’t see how (or why) its inclusion in this volume was necessary with the timeline that it takes place in. It wasn’t a bad story, but parts were a bit confusing and at times hard to tell what actually happened and what was imagined (or dreamed).

The second part of this volume was quite enjoyable, as it introduced Power Girl to Harley’s world of misfits. Power Girl loses her memory after a hard hit to Earth, and Harley is determined to make her her partner in mischief. I did enjoy this story arc, especially the interactions between the two women.

Another separate arc in this volume takes Harley, Tony, and Queenie to San Diego Comic Con. Harley tries to get editors to look at her own comic, Hurl Girl, while Tony and Queenie run their own booth. Harley, as usual, gets into mischief and manages to run into some interesting cameos, which I personally really enjoyed. Overall, this was a cute and entertaining issue, and it makes me curious as to where the next volume will take Harley.

Even though I did love this volume, I didn’t love it as much as the first volume. I still have high hopes for the rest of the series, and I continually love Harley’s character in anything I see her in. I’ll be reading volume three soon, so keep an eye out for a future review!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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