Note: This book was sent to me from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

To sum up this book, it has a lot of potential but it really needs editing.

At first, I tried to ignore the grammatical errors and formatting of this book. Being an editor myself, this was really hard to do. As the book went on, it became extremely distracting. Another issue that I had was with how the dialogue is formatted. There are paragraphs with two or three characters speaking, as well as italicized thought dialogue, and it’s difficult to discern who is speaking. It had become clear to me that this book hasn’t been edited, and every book needs to be edited.

I looked into the publisher after seeing on the copyright page that this publisher does not do any editing whatsoever. PublishAmerica, now America Star Books, has a lot of negative Google results. When I typed the name into Google, it suggests “publish america scam,” so that gives you an idea. There are pages of reviews from authors who never got reimbursed for their book’s revenue, ones who had their books printed by PublishAmerica after their copyright to print had expired, high prices for authors buying their own books, and many other issues. I feel so bad for any author who fell into this hole, and Angoleth’s Heir is a book that could have benefitted so much from a better, more reputable publisher.

Now that I’m past that negative bit, there are obviously positives regarding the plot of this book. Soraya thought she was just a normal teen, until she was swept away to another world and discovered that she is actually a dragon. Angoleth is a world where dragons rule, and this is a concept that I really haven’t seen in any fantasy book I’ve read. Usually dragons are pets for humans or serving humans, used as weapons when people go to war. It was cool to see how dragons have been developed in this story, and the background of the different dragon types was also a bit I liked.

One great part was how Soraya reacts to her new life and the suddenness of it all. She is surprised, shocked, and isn’t initially accepting of this strange reality, rather than reacting with the usual YA trope of being thrown into a new world and not questioning much of anything, ready to take on any mission.

Overall, this book has so much potential and I am sad that the grammar and formatting issues were so distracting, and that this book didn’t get the proper editing it needed. I blame this solely on the publisher, as I don’t trust them one bit after my research and seeing how they purposefully don’t edit books. Because of how distracting the mistakes were to me, I just can’t rate this higher than two stars.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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