I went into this book having pretty much no expectations, and I’m glad for that. If I had higher expectations, I would have been even more disappointed.

This graphic novel was full of thrown-in cliches and tropes, and though sometimes those can be done right, this wasn’t one of those times. The bullied girl at school being targeted for seemingly just being the bully’s cousin didn’t make much sense to me. Evie, the main character, never got favored over Mallory, the bully, and there was no backstory to why she bullied her besides the fact that they are related. Evie’s father seemed to know she was being bullied even though Evie always talked to him as if nothing was going on. The part about Evie escaping to sit in the fridge to clear her mind made no sense to me at all (do people do that??). The concept of the digital world that was created was interesting, but it just didn’t make sense that a father would create that for his daughter to escape into. A father would usually want his daughter to experience the real world and be able to get through her struggles, not ignore them in a fabricated world.

Another aspect of this graphic novel that I didn’t care for was the art style. In some parts it looked nice, but that was mainly scenery. All of the characters looked similar in facial structure, and at the same time, a character looked different in every frame. Evie’s face seemed to reflect a different age in different parts, from younger pre-teen to more adult, just depending on the angle of her face. I really just didn’t care for it, and I enjoy a lot of various art styles in graphic novels and comics.

I’ve never watched Joe Sugg’s Youtube videos, so I didn’t have any high hopes or anything going into this, and the second volume of this series could be better, but I don’t know if I’ll be picking it up.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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