To sum it up: another great Harley Quinn volume.

Through this compilation, Harley adventures through the winter holidays, goes on a date with a Mr. Bruce Wayne, and begins a Harley gang (that being kick-butt ladies, unrelated to biker gangs). This volume begins with another issue of guest artists and a strange hallucination sequence, but I thought it was more well done than previous guest-artist storylines. It seemed strange, but it wasn’t a one-off, since the new character introduced through it remains throughout this whole volume.

I also enjoyed the storyline with Bruce Wayne and Batman, and it was also good at showing how Harley’s new adventures are after her time in Gotham.

My favorite storyline of this was, of course, the startup of the gang of Harleys. I can’t wait to get the next volume and dive into how this group plays out, and there is really good diversity with the women she hires as Harley assistants. It’s not just diversity as a marketing ploy, either, as their backgrounds play into who they are as characters and how they came to find Harley. This comic issue was funny, powerful, and I’m all for kick-butt lady squads.

I know I’m late at reading these volumes (as this is only volume three of six currently out), but I’m taking my time with it, and comics are expensive. I can’t be the only one, though, so if you haven’t read this series yet, get to it! Harley is a great character who is unique in her own ways, and I relate so much with her love of caring for animals and eating junk food.

Rating: ★★★★★

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