What a ride. A wild, mind-boggling ride.

This second installment in the Dark Tower series picks up where The Gunslinger left off, and though it took me awhile to get through, it wasn’t because of any fault in the book. Throughout this novel, we are introduced to two new characters, and I will try not to give too much away in this review. These new characters are so unique and contrast Roland in the best way, and King has written them so convincingly. Their interesting speech and thought patterns make them incredibly believable and also helps the reader really understand them.

I grew to like them as the book went on, which I wasn’t sure of at first. They really grow on you, and I’m so glad for it. They’re nowhere near perfect characters, but King has portrayed them perfectly. The throwing-together of these characters, who are all so unique and somewhat strange, is what makes their boring action of trekking across endless sands actually entertaining.

There were bursts of action in this book, thanks to the doors, but a huge amount of it is realizing what’s going on and yet also having no idea at all. I’m really interested to find out more about Roland’s world and its connection to the others’ previous realities, and this journey of finding the Tower is definitely a journey for the reader, as I’m sure it was also for King as an author. It’s a huge series and definitely intimidating, but I’m sucked in and there’s no crawling back out now.

Rating: ★★★★★

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