I absolutely loved this installment in the Dark Tower series. Each book pulls me in even more than the previous one and I fall even more in love with the series.

I was really happy to get more details about what happened to Roland’s world to cause it to be a world that has moved on, though even more questions are raised within these answers. The concepts of time and space are extremely interesting in this world/universe, and I’m okay with not getting all the complete details since there’s so much to process already. I read this book while on vacation, and I was thinking about it even when I was away from the book and doing something else (which is always the sign of an amazing book, in my opinion).

The development of Susannah and Eddie’s relationship made me really happy as well, and, even though it has a doomed feeling in the big picture, it brings more hope to the storylines of the ka-tet. In addition to that, I love Oy and the small cuteness he brings to tense situations. There’s so much more possibility with this group, especially when I think back on The Gunslinger when it was only Roland, or even just Roland and Jake. I’m so excited to see this story expand even more, and there’s so much left to go (in my own reading journey of it).

Rating: ★★★★★

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