Happy Free Comic Book Day! If you didn’t know, FCBD is a day in May when comic book stores give customers free comics that are usually produced specifically for the day. They can be a first issue of a series or a spinoff of an existing series. I love both of these, and I was able to pick some up today! I devoured them already and have decided to write short reviews on them, since I really enjoyed all of the ones I read and gave them all five stars.

“I Hate Image” by Skottie Young


Being that I absolutely love the I Hate Fairyland series, this issue was my most anticipated of the comics today. Image is my favorite comic publisher, and I even met Skottie Young at BookCon last year. That being said, this was so much more enjoyable than I even expected. This issue has Gertrude (the main character of Fairyland) on a mission to the Image headquarters, and of course she stumbles upon many other Image characters along the way. My favorites were all mentioned: Bitch PlanetThe Walking Dead, and East of West. The incorporations of these other comics was executed amazingly, and didn’t seem forced because it didn’t take itself seriously. Gertrude and the IHF plot fit this kind of collaboration perfectly, and if you love that series, definitely try to pick this issue up! It was awesome knowing the other comic series mentioned, but it wasn’t necessary to enjoying the issue as a whole.

Bob’s Burgers by various authors & artists


First off, I love the Bob’s Burgers TV show and have been wanting to read the comics for awhile. Though I haven’t gotten to the existing comics yet, I thoroughly enjoyed this short issue of three stories in the BB universe. Each story focused on one of the Belcher kids, and they fit the story and tone to each personality perfectly. The stories were satisfying as a snack, and they did make me want to pick up the larger volumes even more. These made me laugh and also want to binge-watch the show again.

Suicide Squad #1


Though I enjoyed the Suicide Squad movie well enough, we all know it had many flaws. I’m not sure if I waited to start this series because of that, or because I already just really love the Amanda Conner Harley Quinn series and am sucked into that storyline more. Either way, I’m glad this first issue was included in this year’s FCBD so I had more drive to read it. The in media res beginning was really good, and then getting into the individual backstories later was beneficial. Unlike the movie, which tried to get the backstories all out of the way at the beginning, this story held my interest more at the start. The backstories weren’t unnecessarily drawn-out, and the emotions were still there. This issue did a great job at setting up the Suicide Squad (really, the movie should have done it more like this issue). It was quick but not forced, and I didn’t feel like I was missing something. It makes me want to continue the series with more motivation than I had previously. The artwork in this was average; it did seem a bit inconsistent with Harley’s appearance, but at least it wasn’t too distracting.

Spill Night by Scott Westerfeld & Alex Puvilland


This was another issue I was excited about and hoping to pick up today. I was thrilled when I found out that Scott Westerfeld had released a graphic novel and added it to my TBR right away. I do still need to buy it, but I’m definitely going to soon. This FCBD issue is a short prequel to that graphic novel, and it gave me a good idea of the premise of the series. It is definitely that unique kind of sci-fi that Westerfeld does (I absolutely love his Uglies and Midnighters series), and I can’t wait to find out more about this world that I’ve only gotten a small glimpse into. The artwork is messy-looking, but while reading, it seems purposeful as it matches the vibe of the plot and just goes along with the whole thing quite well. I love the creepy lettering in this as well. This issue exceeded my expectations and I’m so happy for that, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the first volume of the Spill Zone series (though Vol. 2 is not until 2018).

•  •  •

Thanks for reading my short reviews! Did you go out to get comics on FCBD this year? Did you pick up any of these? I also bought volume six of Lumberjanes and am very excited to continue my favorite comic series. Today put me in a comic mood for sure, and even though I am excited for the novels I’m currently reading and planning to read soon, I also want to keep up with the comics that I’ve gotten and plan to buy some more soon.

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