Note: This book was sent to me for an honest review by the author.

What another wild ride in this series. This book is the second novella on Stephen in the Under Ground series by Alice Rachel, and if you’ve read only the main novels of the book, you really need to pick these novellas up. The main novels focus on the two main characters, Chi and Thia, but all of the characters in these books have huge backstories that are important to know, especially Chi’s own brother Stephen. Not only does it make the main story more interesting, but it shows a great perspective of how complex each individual human is and that it’s key to truly knowing a person and understanding their actions.

After reading this book, which does mention events from the main novels, I have such a better picture of this whole web of characters. Actions that I previously thought as horrible were shown with true justification through another character’s eyes. If every person tried to get to know those around them like how Alice Rachel fleshes out her characters, I think there would be better people out there. Seeing different perspectives and just listening to others can give you a new outlook on your own life, and can help you treat others with more respect. If the main characters of this series knew Stephen’s own personal story, I know they would treat him much, much differently.

I live in Chicago and constantly deal with crazy amounts of people around me, especially on the crowded subway. When there’s a rude person, I try to think that it’s just been a rough day for them. At the same time, if that rude person truly thought about their own affect on the complex lives around them, maybe they would take a moment to choose their words and actions more carefully. I don’t want to go into a huge philosophical rant, but these novellas and their new perspectives on this storyline have really gotten me thinking.

This series and its novellas have become one of my favorite series, for so many reasons. I’m so excited for the next books, novellas, and short stories in the series, and along with that, seeing even more characters developed.

My reviews on the previous books in the series: Under Ground (Book 1), Losing Ground (Stephen’s first novella), and Standing Ground (Book 2).

Rating: ★★★★★

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